Track and Field Party

Photo by Derek Anderson for Independent Weekly
(we don’t fully endorse the angle of the related article, but this photo is pretty badass)

Friday 2/29
Bringerer (playing first at 8 sharp!)

Saturday 3/1
Black Taj
In The Year Of The Pig
The Curtains Of Night
Bastard Sword (playing first at 8 sharp!)

Nick and Ron are moving out and we’re throwing down. We get the chance to play with some bands we’ve been meaning to connect with, and it’s all a family affair. Artwork by Ron Liberti, Dan Tate, and Scott Nurkin. Nick’s recording the bands’ sets. Friends are also filming digital video to put together a DVD of the event. Drinks and hanging out and other partyness.

Track & Field Recording Studio is on Brewer Lane in Carrboro – next to Reservoir and in the Carolina Carwash Building. The show and party is in the studio itself, not at Reservoir or in the warehouse spaces across the street, as some of the rumors have it.


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