Shuffle Launch Party 3/21

So….apparently, we’re a party band this month.

We find ourselves kicking off the Shuffle Magazine Launch Party at Jack Sprat Cafe and Bar in Chapel Hill – March 21 with our friends Love Craft and The Bronzed Chorus. Embarrassing Fruits, I Was Totally Destroying It. and Bellafea are rocking the party on Saturday the 22nd.

Shuffle is focused on music from both North and South Carolina, and they’re doing a good job focusing on regional bands, clubs, businesses and scenes – big and small, established and newish, and across genres. It’s a full color magazine with contributions from several established Carolinas-based music writers, including a couple of friends of ours. The magazine is based in Charlotte, which I think has helped them keep a finger on the pulse of scenes and bands in both states. Strange that so many of the launch party bands are Triangle-based (maybe there are other launch parties?) but we’re happy to be a part of it.

Shuffle Volume 1 is available in .pdf format on their website and attainable at Carolina venues. Volume 2 is in the works.


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