Five Years

We’ve resisted the urge to write band bios over the years, but we’re currently in a spot where reflection, preparation, and uh, distraction, all feel okay.

Carter and I met when we were brought together as a rhythm section for the Chapel Hill band Cold Sides in early 2002.  They had just released an album and were looking for a new direction and the ability to play some shows to support the album.  We played as a rhythmic 4-piece guitar rock band over a six month period (Carter on bass).  Fun times, but though we were great at improvising noisy rock jams together, the music we were creating wasn’t hitting.

That band split up and Carter and I spent about a year improvising sprawling bassy, dark rock music at my house out in the Carolina corn fields.  There were turkey vultures, great sunsets, and good dude-bonding.  Carter switched back to playing guitar, good ideas started to flow, we learned how to really improvise and arrange songs together, and the Monsonia sound or whatever was born.  This stage of our band-life ran from August 2002 to August 2003.  Tracing back to this point, we consider this August to be our 5th anniversary.

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