About Monsonia

Monsonia are a three-piece rock band based in the “Triangle” area of North Carolina – Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill/Carrboro. Carter Browning plays guitar and sings. Nick Petersen plays bass guitar and engineers recordings. Andy Willard plays drums and percussion.

Monsonia was established in 2003 and played early shows and recorded and released a self-titled EP in 2004-2005. The band was then comprised of David Alston, Carter Browning, and Andy Willard. David Alston also played bass on “Old Man Winter,” a song later released on Red String Records‘ Consensus compilation released in 2006 to benefit WQFS Greensboro. Nick Petersen recorded all of these early sessions (with the assistance of John Byrd on “Old Man Winter”) and later became a band member when David Alston departed the band.

In 2007-2008, Monsonia recorded and self-released a full-length album, Growler. The album was recorded by Nick Petersen, mixed with the band, and mastered by John Crouch. Growler is available from the band on CD format and in digital format online (Bandcamp, iTunes, other download sites).

In 2010, Monsonia released a second full-length album, 33.3, in partnership with Holidays for Quince Records.33.3 was released on 180 gram vinyl and in digital format online (Bandcamp, iTunes, other download sites). The album was recorded by Nick Petersen with the band over multiple sessions and was mastered by Carl Saff.

From Holidays for Quince Records:
“On the masterful 33.3, Monsonia’s first record fully written as a trio and their debut for Holidays for Quince, they are a tight, dynamic and challenging combo. Drummer Andy Willard (Ben Davis and the Jetts, The Strugglers) and guitarist Carter Browning (Blood Diplomacy) formed Monsonia in 2002 after the dissolution of Cold Sides, a Chapel Hill institution that featured a rotating cast of art-rocking whiz-kids. Willard and Browning patiently pieced together a new sound that’s equal parts Touch and Go-style noise rock and dynamic, jazz-inflected avant-metal. After playing a handful of shows, the band brought local audio engineer Nick Petersen (Track and Field Recording, Horseback, Airstrip) on board to play bass, filling out their sound with a formidable low-end rumble. Monsonia’s rhythms slither and shift like a snake-pit, coiling with serpentine menace, carefully positioning Browning’s wiry, barbed guitar lines within striking distance. Handle with care.”

Monsonia has played shows with diverse national and regional bands and artists including, but not limited to, Arbouretum, Steve Gunn,  James Toth (Wooden Wand), William Tyler, Horseback, True Widow, Bats & Mice, Cinemechanica, Maserati, MC Taylor (Hiss Golden Messenger), Awesome Color, Mono, Bellini, Caltrop, Black Skies, Solar Halos, Cantwell Gomez & Jordan, Minor Stars, Fin Fang Foom, and The Bronzed Chorus.

Following the release of 33.3, Monsonia slowed down its performance schedule but has continued creating new music, including multiple recording sessions focused on new songs and instrumental experiments. A new EP featuring four tracks recorded as a studio release at The Pinhook, during off hours, and overdubs at Track and Field Recording in Durham, NC is forthcoming in Summer 2015.

Photo by Kara LaFleur

All recordings mentioned on this page are available at https://monsonia.bandcamp.com/.


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