Song Name List

We’re very proud of these, though we sometimes forget them (the names and the tunes):

Alligator Snakebird
Avian Flu – Not In My Yard
Blood Red
Bondo Sculpture
Et in Arcadia Ego
Grizzly Beer
Israel Hands (unreleased)
I Support Ecoterrorism (unreleased)
I’ve Been Practicing My Free Association
Lived in Caves
Lotus Eaters
Lumberjack Stunts
Marijuana Leaf Earring (M.L.E.)
Old Man Winter
Orca (The Killer Whale)
Scab Party
Speak ‘Merican (unreleased)
The $65 Question (unreleased)
The Bison Became A Wigwam (early demo)
The Natural
The North Pole (unreleased/early demo)
This Ain’t My First Rodeo
This Mellow Classic
Wake Me For Meals
Wild Boars
Woman, Get Out Of The Woods (early demo)
Would You Like A Piece Of Milk?

More to come…


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